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Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most familiar issues that prompt patients to seek chiropractic. The spine is the foundation of the chiropractic adjustment and correction of misalignment that can cause problems throughout the body’s intricate biological network. Back pain commonly results from nerve pressure that can occur with one or more vertebras have shifted out of alignment. It can strain the surrounding muscles and quickly promote a stress, pain and reinjure cycle.

Back pain can be addressed through spinal adjustment, but additionally, chiropractic care in the form of therapeutic exercise, weight management, promotion of internal tissue strengthening through nutrition, and stress management are all essential to maintaining a body that’s free of back pain. Sufferers know how detrimental back pain can be to your daily life and your quality of life. There’s no reason to let it go unchecked and uncorrected when a straightforward, non-invasive and totally natural solution is readily available through chiropractic care.


Mount Holly Springs Chiropractor | Back Pain. Dr. Martin S. Gildea is a Mount Holly Springs Chiropractor.