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Dr. Gildea's new book

A book that weeds through the daily contradictory health advice and provides common sense solutions for better long-term health.  It debunks many medical falsehoods doled out by medical doctors, drug companies (Big Pharma), the government and advertisers.  Dr. Gildea will shock you while explaining many common health misconceptions in our country: meanwhile, giving you the knoweledge on how to begin living a healthier life. Available on Amazon.



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"Wellness In A Toxic World" reveals how we are all surrounded by toxins, be it from the silver amalgam fillings in our mouths, the genetically modified food we eat, the toxic chemical laden water we drink or the plethora of harmful electromagnetic fields we live in. Despite Medicine's best efforts, this toxic soup is winning the battle, as the health of the country continues to be on a downward spiral. According to Dr. Gildea, we need to utilize "energy medicine, which deals with life force and how the body cells perform all of their trillions of functions at the speed of light." He believes, until energy medicine becomes part of this country's health paradigm, our health will continue to suffer. Available on Amazon.






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