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Stubborn Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight that simply won’t come off, or if you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss efforts, it can be a very frustrating place to be. Stubborn weight loss and resistant trouble spots can make you feel powerless and hopeless. This issue, while common, may be caused by any number of problems that we can help you identify.

Through comprehensive chiropractic diagnostics and blood analysis, we can pinpoint the reason why your body is holding onto weight in spite of convention knowledge. Nutritional and metabolic evaluations help us gain a clear picture of any issues that are standing your way. Once we get to the root cause of your stubborn weight, we’ll develop a personalized program that will help you overcome the obstacles between you and consistent, healthy weight loss. This can be accomplished through nutritional counseling and therapeutic exercise, which ensures that you’re not just overcoming you’re weight plateau in a healthy, natural manner, you’re making lifestyle changes in which you remain in control and empowered.



Mount Holly Springs Chiropractor | Stubborn Weight Loss. Dr. Martin S. Gildea is a Mount Holly Springs Chiropractor.