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The thyroid is part of the body’s endocrine system, which plays a role in multiple facets of our health. Issues with the thyroid can be difficult to diagnose, and thus, patients who supper from conditions that result from improper thyroid or endocrine function can easily feel frustrated and hopeless when medical tests provide no answers-- despite a patient’s very real and present condition. Hypothyroidism, which can easily go undiagnosed, can be the cause of many musculoskeletal ailments that prompt patients to seek out chiropractic, including carpal tunnel, arthritis, slow injury healing, and inflammation. Hypothyroidism is can also be at the root of a patient’s weight issues and chronic conditions such as headaches.

Through comprehensive chiropractic diagnostics and blood analysis, any underlying thyroid issues will be thoroughly examined. If the thyroid is determined as the root of any chronic or musculoskeletal conditions, a treatment program or supplemental program to hormone replacement can be established. Chiropractic treatment of thyroid conditions are typically based in healthy lifestyle changes, including therapeutic exercise, nutrition, and other safe, non-invasive methods that are realistically suited to your lifestyle.


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